Child Rights and You -CRY

CRY is an Indian Trust and managed by Indians for underprivileged Indian children. CRY was founded in 1979. CRY’s objective is to demonstrate that real, sustainable change is possible through the building of grassroots movements and through advocating for the basic rights of children-survival, protection, development and participation. CRY acts as a link between concerned individuals and organisations that have the time, skills and money to donate to the cause of children and those that directly work with children at the grassroots level. Currently, CRY supports 169 child development initiatives across the country. CRY is governed by values of respect of human dignity, working in partnership, transparency, accountability, secularism, non-violence and innovation.

Development Research Communication &Services Centre (DRCSC).

DRCSC is a non-government development organization working in 12 districts of West Bengal and other states. Our major concern is food and livelihood security of the rural poor through sustainable management of natural resources on the basis of principles and actions, that are environment friendly, economically appropriate, socially just and developed by mutual cooperation.


Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie is a secular, charitable trust with its headquarters in Bensheim/Germany. It was founded by Karl Kübel, a former industrial entrepreneur.

We want to initiate a change in the general attitude towards families and children. We are convinced that the family environment is decisive for the future way of life. We support parents to give their children security and love.

Within the family environment, the adult of tomorrow should be able to develop towards a responsible and independent citizen. To realize this vision, we encourage various initiatives of parents and self-help-initiatives. We are concerned about improving the conditions for families, society and the environment.

Lilaboti Fanindranath Day Memorial Trust

A trust deed drawn up on 10th March 1998 set the guidelines for the administration of the Trust and selection of the recipients of the Fund. The application of funds has been limited to the territory of India with special emphasis on the state of West Bengal. The focus of activities has been stated to be " the poor and the under priviledged, mentally and physically handicapped, without any consideration of caste, creed, colour, sex and religion. " A special mention has been made of the areas on " education, medical care and relief for natural calamities" as well as supply of drinking water, sanitation, immunization and related "awareness programme".

Dr. Arun Shekhar Day-UK

Dr. Arun Shekhar Day who has retired recently as Medical Director of Tameside Acute Care N.H.S. Trust, U.K. is the prime mover of the Trust. He is an Individual Donar.


CSO Partners believes that the path to inclusive growth in India is through active participation of a wide variety of players, especially civil society organizations (CSOs). There are more than 3 million registered NGOs‚ foundations and associations working throughout India. There are also around 300,000 gram panchayats (village-level local self government bodies) across the country. However‚ many of these organizations face challenges such as a shortage of adequate financial and quality human resources.

By engaging at various levels with diverse groups, including governments, corporate bodies and individuals, CSO Partners seeks to adopt four broad roles:

  • Being a Think Tank for the social sector
  • Providing a Connecting Platform to various civil society organizations
  • Being an Incubator of social innovations
  • Providing Advisory Services to NGOs and Corporates

Save the Children-BRB

Save the Children is an international organisation working for children's rights in 120 countries. In India, we are working across 13 states to ensure that every child has a happy and healthy childhood.

We are determined to build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

We not only save children from the hardships of life, but we also work towards abolishing these hardships.


Child Survival

Nearly 1.73 million children die in India every year due to lack of treatment. We work with communities and the government health systems to improve child and maternal health care. 

Child Protection

India has the largest number of child labourers in the world. We work to expose and prevent exploitative child labour practices. We also have child labour prevention programs in areas like West Bengal & Bihar where child trafficking is rampant.


7.1 million children in India do not go to school. We work to ensure that all children join school. This helps them stay out of child labour as well as in building a promising future for themselves.

Responding to Emergencies and Disaster Risk Reduction

Children are the worst affected victims of natural disasters. We work to ensure their right to survival and development after an emergency by providing immediate support.

We also train children to resist critical situations during natural disasters.

Association for India's Development (AID)

Association for India's Development is a volunteer movement promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as agriculture, energy,  education, health , livelihoods, natural resources including land and water, women's empowerment and social justice.


German Leprosy and TB Relief Association-India(GLRA India) was founded in 1957 as an association in Germany to support the work of a doctor caring for leprosy patients in Ethiopia. Since then, GLRA has extended its work to 356 projects in 46 countries. GLRA-India was registered as a local trust in 1989, and currently supports 60 local NGOs involved in leprosy work, and 38 local NGOs involved in TB work in support of the RNTCP's overall goals. It is currently accredited by the RNTCP to work in 16 districts nationwide. It has staff that includes 134 doctors, 298 technical staff, 249 field staff and 776 support and administrative staff. The annual budget of GLRA-India is ca. US$3.5 million. GLRA is a founding member of ILEP (International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations). GLRA extends its services to all without discrimination according to caste, creed or religion.

Indienhilfe e.V. Herrsching

Child Centred Development (School Based Approach) Project

The project has started on Sept'2016 at Nayagram under Jhargram District for holistic development of children.  The area is SC/ST inhabited forest area.

UNICEF West Bengal

Creating Safer Child Care Institution (CCI) in West Bengal

The Hummingbird Foundation

A Proactive Community for Prevention of Human Trafficking


Cloth for Work & School to School Programme