That the proverb health is wealth is not well understood by the village folk of Bengal. So, the age-old views on health care have not changed at all. As a result disease, illnesses are their constant companion. Lack of awareness, ignorance coupled with a weak infrastructure of the health services is visible here. Frankly speaking, bigger issues let alone simple habits of cleanliness are lacking among the common people. And this is complemented by an ever increasing population. So, the Janakalyan Samity has intervened in the matters of preventive health, curative health and promotive health, with its limited resources. It is working with last few years jointly with government health department with effect.

Help in medical treatments:

With the help of financial support of local villages and Kajla Co-operative Agricultural Credit Society, Kajla Janakalyan Samity has arranged for oxygen and ambulance services. In this current year Health & Family Welfare of West Bengal Government has provided an Ambulance to our organization for fulfilling emergency service of poor people in rural areas. Samity has provided emergency oxygen services to 13 persons and ambulance services to 350 persons.