The employment opportunity in the Purba Medinipur district is very less. People having no other alternative engaged in life staking professions like fishing in deep sea, construction work. Some of them also migrate to others places and engage themselves in various life staking professions. As it’s consequences either or both of the parents are died in many cases. Their children become orphan and have to engage themselves as child labor or in antisocial works. This situation compels KJKS to set up the orphan home.
Main problem(s):

  •     Less opportunity of employment in the area
  •     People are engaging in life staking professions
  •     The people are self-centric and do not think of others
  •     Prevalence of poverty

Objectives behind the intervention of KJKS:

  •     To create better environment for the orphan for better living
  •     Giving them sufficient and nutritious food
  •     Provide joyful & life based education
  •     Arrange proper treatment & counselling

Intervention of KJKS:

  •     Set up an orphanage
  •     Aware the people about the life staking jobs and arrange alternative ones for them through others program

From whom we are getting funds to carry out the programs:

  •     One time support from Lilabati PhanindraNath Day Memorial Trust
  •     One time support from Dr. A.S.Day, an NRI

Our appeal to the world for help:

  •     Financial
  1.         The organization needs support for fooding, provide education and medicines to the orphan children.
  2.         Support for building of the orphanage
  3.         Help for carry on vocational training programs
  4.         Help to carry on counselling centre
  •     Non-financial
  1.         Sending counsellor
  2.         Sharing of information and knowledge


  •             Has been able to develop the sense in them that they are not orphan
  •             Provide homely atmosphere