Education is similar to light that eradicates darkness. So is education, the light that enlightens a society to social development. Education brings consciousness, which brings change. Keeping the above philosophy in mind, the Samity is working for more than one decade. Presently, the scenario of the national and state level of education implies that the government is incapable of providing qualitative education. Moreover, it is not being able to impart education to all children. The children are escaping the chains of lifeless educational net. There is no scope for hands-on activities in the education system. Lakhs of children of the state are school dropouts. The Samity feels that if life-centred or job-friendly education is provided, the disinterest of the children community towards education will vanish. They will be drawn towards school – if the environment is child-friendly, the teaching method is joyful and the teachers become friends and facilitators to the children. To provide the children with qualitative, joyful and life-centred education, the Samity has taken up a number of programmes.


The fundamental dream of education scheme:
To create a progressive society through reality oriented education which will again help in value-creation and developing a healthy cultural environment for the children of the society.

Objectives of the Education Programme:

  •     To develop creative & productive skills that environment-friendly
  •     To create peoples’ organisation to establish child rights.
  •     Promote qualitative education
  •     To develop model education centre
  •     To develop creative & productive skills that environment-friendly
  •     People participation in education
  •     To integrate people with Panchayat
  •     Promote healthy environment of culture