Cultural Programme


Cultural is ever inspiring towards healthy living. The organization is striving to revive the lost healthy cultural heritage and at the same time it is attempting to utilize some folk-culture to explain different aspects of development considering it an effective way to reach rural people easily.


  •     Innovative culture, which helps the community to live peacefully and in organized way is destroying.
  •     Cooperative feeling is destroying among the community life, as results the people are becoming self-centric day by day.
  •     Now days the people are not getting social learning.
  •     Social and family violence are increasing day by day.
  •     The social platform where people use to express their inner quality is no more.


  •     Formation of children and adolescent group.
  •     Performing various sports & cultural programs.
  •     Observing memorable days.
  •     Performing street theatres, Drama, etc on various burning issues.
  •     Awareness and sensitisations on social issues like dowry, gender discrimination, early marriage etc.
  •     Training on formation group and etc,
  •     Teaching the adolescent and children Yoga, music, dance, recitation etc.
  •     Establish Children Park for recreation and learning.
  •     Meetings and discussion with children and adolescent on various subjects.
  •     Organized competition on sports and cultural events.
  •     Motivate youths and adolescent clubs and organization to promote healthy sports and cultural events.


  •     Cultural performance helps to implement others program of the organization.
  •     Cultural program helps to motivate the people specially in awareness generating.
  •     Cultural and sports program help to develop inner qualities of the child.
  •     Minimize bad affects of the present unhealthy culture.
  •     Cultural programs help to implement the joyful teaching.
  •     The children and adolescents are being organized gradually.
  •     Healthy social culture seems to back again gradually

From where we are getting fund till now:

  •     Dr. A.S.Day, an NRI
  •     Part support from Child Rights & You-CRY
  •     Part support from Save the Children-B.R.B.

Our appeal to the world for help:

  •     Financial
  1.     Help to make the children’s park
  2.     Help for sports and cultural equipments
  3.     Help to organize youth, adolescent and children’s group
  4.     Help to establish yoga centre
  5.     Help to carry on the training programs
  •     Non-financial  
  1.         Sending expertise on street theatres, drama
  2.         Exchange of knowledge, information
  3.         Exposure trips for the children, adolescent and youths