Empower of Women


women hold a very important position in our society. Society is formed with both male and female. Both have to play equal role for the betterment of the society. This needs gender equality. But it is shame that still today in this 21st century especially in rural area gender discrimination prevails in an alarming way. The women are not getting proper recognization. They are the backward class in the society. To empower them, to get back their recognization, to able them to take part in decision making procedures KJKS started their intervention program with the women.

Main problem(s):

  •     The women of these areas are totally unemployed.
  •     The women are affected by social and family torturing.
  •     The women have no rights to take part in any decision-making procedure in their family and society.
  •     The community does not show honour to the women as a social being.
  •     The people of the society do not give importance on proper care of girl child
  •     The girl child, adolescent girls are very much neglected or get less priority in education
  •     Superstition, dowry, sexual and physical torturing are existing in the society.
  •     Govt.’s laws are not properly implemented especially in rural areas due to lack of knowledge of the poor people and political disturbance.
  •     All types of developmental activities are not implemented properly due to lack of women’s participation.
  •     Maximum women are frustrated. So suicide and other anti-social activities are increasing day by day in the society.
  •     Some influencing people are provocative and use the women, adolescent girls for anti-social and immoral activities.

Intervention of KJKS:

  •     Organize camp, meeting, seminar, training etc. to aware the people.
  •     Helping the women and adolescent girls to organize them.
  •     Savings & credit program continues.
  •     Introduce several vocational training programs.
  •     Economic developmental programs are implemented by us through Micro-Finance program
  •     Introduce various programs to develop inner skills of the women to empower them.
  •     Education program especially for the girl child.

Achievement: -

  •     The community women and housewives are becoming organized
  •     The women and housewives are becoming engaged in many income generation activities such as poultry, duckery, basket making etc.
  •     Housewives are getting more respect than before in their families.
  •     A few group based work has done such as grain bank, seed bank, basket making etc.
  •     Exploitation by the moneylenders is reduced.
  •     Local resources are used in Women’s group program such as making “Bari,” Fried rice “, “Amchur”,”Gotery”,”Dairy”, Hat-making etc.
  •     Home state and wasted lands are properly utilized with the formation of permanent nutrition garden. Resultantly, Chemical fertilizer and pesticides free vegetable are getting regularly.
  •     Women of these groups identify the herbal plants, planted these in their own garden, and use it regularly. Resultantly, Primary treatment and preventive measures in done by using it.
  •     They are aware of their rights.
  •     The women are involving in many social actions and minimize family and social torture and they are playing active role in panchayat activities.

From whom we are getting the fund:

  •     Child Rights and You-CRY
  •     Save the Children-B.R.B.
  •     Association for India’s Development-A.I.D.
  •     U.B.I., Contai Branch
  •     Kajla Co-Operative Agricultural Credit Society

Our appeal to the world for help:

  •     Financial help
  •         Help to establish destitute home for the poor & neglected women
  •         Help for carry on vocational training programs
  •         Help to form women’s organization
  •         Help to carry on awareness, counseling & sensitization programs
  •     Non-financial help
  •         Sharing information
  •         Helping us in documentation process