Contai sub-division of Purba Medinipur district is situated at the coastal plain of Bay of Bengal. Being near to the sea, the ground water is saline. It is not possible to take it as drinking water. Being the sandy area the heat is too hot in summer season and to add to the crisis there becomes the more problem of drinking. It is not possible for the common rural people to buy mineral water or something like that. In this situation KJKS starts it’s safe drinking water program.


Main problem(s):

  • The ground water is saline.

  • Indiscriminate use of pure water, which can be used for drinking.

  • No system of preservation of rainwater to use that for drinking.

  • Use of ground level polluted water (within 10 feet from ground level) for drinking.

  • Use of pond water for drinking.

  • Water borne diseases break out in epidemic form especially in the rainy season.

  • Unawareness of the people about safe/pure drinking water.

Intervention of KJKS:

  • Set up water reservoirs to provide pure drinking water.

  • Introduce the usage of low cost filter.

  • Constant campaign to make aware the common people.


  • Grow the practise of drinking boiled water especially in the rainy season

  • Some people are getting pure drinking water from water reservoir.

  • People of this area are placing demand to local self Government for getting pure drinking water.

Help given by so far in this sector:

  • Dr. A.S.Day, an NRI

  • Local panchayat

Our appeal to the world for help:

  • Financial help: -

    1. To make the common pond available for preservation of rainwater or to dig new ponds for preservation.

    2. To put up dip tube wells where available in ground water

  • Non-financial help: -

    1. Models and technologies to preserve rain water more effectively to use as drinking water

    2. Sending expertise on this particular sector

    3. Arrangement of exposure exchanges