Youth Development

Presently we live in such a society engrossed in pompous and glamorous cultural environment which attracts today's youth. Since long, the Samity has been trying to induce a nationalistic cultural environmental which is the carrier of folk culture and education. And thus is trying to create a healthy, sober and culturally sound environment. In the present year, Kajla Janakalyan Samity has tried to carry out a number of activities related to the overall development of youth. This entails cultural activity, sports, games and organising Kishor-Kishori Bahini and children's organisation.

The activities around Youth and Cultural development are:
Cultural activity, sports and games are pathways to human health and mental development. Keeping this scientific attitude in mind and overall development in the field of cultural activity is desirable. Revival of lost cultural activities which would sustain people along with developing the folk cultures is the efforts taken by Janakalyan Samity. This will be the alternatives to the anti-cultural activities which are in vogue presently.