Advocacy & Networking

In order to establish the rights of all people and people-centric education Kajla Janakalyan Samity has organised a district network with like-minded non-government organisations, students organisation, enthusiastic persons and different coordination committees of East Medinipur. Since 2003 a district platform in the name of East Medinipur Education Network is also operative. This East Medinipur Education network is the district chapter of WB Education Network. For the last two years WBEN is spending CRY funds towards the activities and programmes 15 other district network platforms like East Medinipur Education Network through Kajla Janakalyan Samity.

Effects of this activity:

Organisational level:
Child rights issues have been made clear among the members of the district network. Local clubs, nongovernmental organisations, resource persons have joined the network. Teams in the block level have been strengthened. Healthy relationship has been maintained with the local media. The lacuna of Education Bill 2009 has been explained with clarity among the educated persons and voices of protests have been raised against it.

Activity level:
Peoples participation in the implementation of different programmes has increased. Local media are reporting on network issues Persons from the district are being invited to talk on child rights issues